What Type of Brands Should use Influencer Marketing

Today, marketing products and services are easy and expandable to a large scale with the help of Social media marketing. Influencer marketing is another aspect of social media marketing. As per the statistics, the Global market extent of Influencer marketing is estimated to be $16.4 billion, which is 26% more than the last year.

Types of Brands


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Brands that are distinguished based on their serving criteria. Kinds of brands can be categorized into two types:

1. B2C Brands- These brands aim to serve customers directly. This means that these brands' principal or total sales amount comes from customers. These types of brands are consumer-based businesses. In these types of companies, there are no middlemen or third-party associated.

2. B2B Brands- B2B brands or business-to-business brands are the kinds of businesses that deal with companies rather than customers directly. In these kinds of businesses, outsourcing any business is done to another business. A prime example of a business of such type is a distribution company, as this company deals with other companies manufacturing products and outsourcing them for distribution. However, the catch is that influencer marketing comprises advertising products and services through influencers that impact the audience to which brands are trying to persuade.


There are certain kinds of brands that should specifically use Influencer marketing. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Clothing and apparel: It might be the best move to go for influencer marketing if you want a competitive edge over other clothing brands. Influencers can make a huge impact on the targeted audience to attract them towards your brand, encouraging them to buy more from your products. persuade them to consider the following product.  

  2. Food brands: This is another growing space in which influencer marketing is booming rapidly. Food brands like McDonald's have been using influencer marketing for a long time, and other food brands have also recently entered the competition.

  3. Beauty- Another major industry in which influencer marketing plays an important role is cosmetics. Cosmetics is a kind of category that was among the first to use influencer marketing to promote its products. The cosmetics industry has been highly popular in terms of influencer marketing since the start. There is much scope for influencer marketing in the beauty niche.

Does Influencer Marketing Work for B2C Brands?

Yes, influencer marketing not only works for B2C brands but are benefited so much from influencer marketing in the past years, making it one of the best types of advertising for these companies. The main reason behind this is that B2C or business-to-consumer brands mainly deal with consumers. Because the influencer directly impacts the audience, they tend to persuade the targetted audience—this aids in gauging the successful branding of the business. An influencer required for B2C branding should have a significant level of popularity among people.

Does Influencer Marketing Work for B2B Brands?

Influencer marketing works for B2B brands as these kinds of brands primarily deal with other businesses, so the influencers used for B2C are somewhat different from those used for the marketing of B2B brands. But the basic concept and purpose for influencer marketing remain the same: promoting products and services to customers and brands. The influencers promoting B2B brands have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the type of businesses they target. Check for the best influencer marketing services.

Niche Categories of B2C Brands for whom Influencer Marketing has Worked the Best:

Marketing dynamics have been greatly affected by influencer marketing; nowadays, it is easy to reach your target audience with the help of celebrities, also known as influencers, that significantly impact the audience. As certain B2C brands have to promote their services and products on a large scale and in a short span of time, then influencer marketing might be the best bet to undertake, as this has a huge impact in a very short span. There are certain B2C brands for which influencer marketing has to be a great advantage. As per reports, it is estimated that 44% of the existing brands are anticipated to increase their influencer marketing budget in the year 2022

Some examples:

  1. Fashion- The fashion industry has been in the limelight for a long time, and influencer marketing is one of its major factors. Brands connect with influencers and celebrities to promote their products and services. This helps make a strong base for the advertisement and branding of the business. Influencers are enriched with skills of convincing the audience; with this help, brands benefit the most. The prime example of the same are brands like Vero Moda and Ajio. 

Vero Moda is a company retailer of skirts, shirts, and other clothing apparel. It adopted the influencer marketing strategy with the help of London's top fashion bloggers and influencers to promote its clothes and start a trend for its dresses.

Ajio also used a similar kind of strategy to win the influencer marketing game by hiring the top influencers for the publicity of its products.

2. Skincare: As most industries promote their product by portraying them from different angles to the people, the skin care industry doesn't have the same parameters. In the skin care niche, it is vital to showcase why the product is useful for the public, and influencers can only do this with a huge following and fan base. The main example of this ideology is Mamaearth. Mamaearth is a company that sells skincare products. Recent reports, it is specified that Mamaearth has successfully multiplied its company's revenue with the help of influencer marketing.



3. Gym wear- Influencer marketing has proved to be a boon for Gym and sports-related brands. It is evident from the past years that sportspersons have been carrying the branding of different brands in the form of T-shirts, equipment, etc. Under Armour and Gym shark are examples of brands that consider influencer marketing for their business and reap the immense benefits of sales.

Here are some important case studies to consider

Gym Shark: Gym shark utilized influencer marketing to reach its audience. The marketing strategy comprised Lex Griffin and Chris Lavado; these were the fitness influencers on youtube that have a massive hold on the audience.

Under Armour: Under Armor which is one of the peers of the Gym shark used the same tactics to win the audience. Through influencer marketing Under Armor was able to get total impressions of 59.6 Million. 

Niches of B2B Brands for Whom Influencer Marketing Worked:

Influencer marketing has turned out to be a great asset for the B2B business, as it helps maintain and create a strong brand for the company, which helps in the competition from other brands in the same space. Recent reports show that around 86% of businesses benefit by using influential marketing to promote their products and services.

Some examples:

  1. SAAS Tools- Software companies hire a bunch of influencers to promote their services and product, which is software in this case for the purpose of boosting the sales of their business. As per stats, around 97% of the brands in the SAAS tools space use influencer marketing to hugely impact the targetted audience. This helps in the overall development of the brand of the firm. The most popular examples include Hubspot academy.

  2. Email marketing tools- Email marketing is another type of social media marketing, just like influencer marketing. Email marketing tools and software can be advertised through influencers already in this space and whom people look up to. It was recorded that around 61% of the people have generated trust over email marketing tools due to the influencers that are promoting the company.

  3. Franchise businesses- If you think franchise marketings are just about posters and mouth wording, you are wrong. Influencer marketing has been proven useful for the branding of franchises. Take the example of Mcdonald’s, one of the leading franchisees that have undertaken many influencer marketing strategies to improve brand awareness. It recorded around 1.7 Million fresh impressions through every new influencer marketing campaign which was a huge success for the brand.

What Content Type Works on Which Platform:


There are a lot of platforms available to explore marketing. Most users are present on more than two social media platforms, and all social media platforms have different influencers in the leading position of a certain category or niche. So it might be a lot more difficult to figure out the best one to go for if you want maximum reach. The leading platforms as of now in terms of marketing and reach comes out to be Youtube and Instagram. 

IG (Instagram)- With Millions and billions of users that use Instagram every day makes it one of the best social media platforms of today. Social media marketers and brands use this to advertise products and services for a company or business. Influencers who are followed by many people and have a strong hold over the public's interest can help promote brands. 

Instagram has proven to be the best for short-form content and has a lot of influencers that follow the same form of content. As per the reports, it was stated that around 90% of the content was promoted through short-form content in the year 2022.

YT (Youtube)- Youtube is another major video streaming platform where a large portion of the users is active every day. Youtube has been following long-form content or explanatory videos for a long time. People do enjoy long-form content in the form of tutorials or documentaries, and these can be utilized to promote any kind of software service or health-related products. 

So, if you wish to promote your services or products in long-form content, then it will be the best option to go with youtube as it is the learning platform in the space of long-form content. 

Having a clear idea of which form of content will be the best for promoting your services will be a lot beneficial for you as this will help you save time while doing the trial-and-error method. 

How does OPA Help Brands to Execute their Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

We at Opa marketing will ensure that you reach your targetted audience in no time and that the process is smooth at both ends. If you wish your business to thrive and generate an enormous amount of sales, then we got it. You don't need to indulge in filtering out the best influencer for your brand; let us handle this and scale your business together.


Social media marketing and specifically influencer marketing is a great way to grow the brand reach or the business and ultimately lead to the conversion of potential leads into sales. Focus on building brand awareness, as this might be very beneficial when it comes to the reach of your business. Influencer marketing’s other prime benefit over other forms of social media marketing is that it allows the brands to target a specific genre of audience.


Q1. What kinds of businesses use Influencers for marketing?

A1. Many brands use influencer marketing to establish brand awareness, such as: 






Q2. Why do brands use influencer marketing?

A2. Brands use influencer marketing to establish a brand appearance stronghold and persuade people to consider their products and services.

Q3. Which brands are using influencer marketing maximum?

A3. Famous brands such as Gymshark, Chipotle, and Magnum have been actively using influencer marketing for promotion.

Q4. How does a brand choose an influencer?

A4. Most brands look for influencers with a great impact capability on the audience and who have a huge fan following.

Q5. What is the most important thing about influencer marketing?

A5. The most important thing when doing influencer marketing is selecting the correct genre of the audience you are trying to target.