OPA is a managed marketplace between Brands and Influencers. 500+ brands use OPA to collaborate with 100K+ influencers. We are building software to bring Simplicity, Speed and Scale to influencer marketing.

Top brands like Nykaa, Sugar, HUL, Vero Moda, WOW, Plum, Decathlon, use OPA. We run very large campaigns (imagine 10k influencers posting at once on Instagram) effortlessly with the help of our technology.

We are a young team of 22 talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. We work very hard to foster an open, collaborative and empathetic environment. In the past 3 years since we started, we have stayed true to our mission and innovated with first-principles thinking. We are a bootstrapped, profitable and fast-growing start-up.

Our mission is to democratize marketing. Today, with OPA, influencers with 1k+ followers on Instagram can choose from hundreds of brand collaborations. Tomorrow, we want any ordinary social media user to speak about a product or brand they admire and be rewarded. Turning marketing into honest social conversations.